Professional Training


  • 2019. Environmental Security & Sustaining Peace. SDG Academy.
  • 2019. Berlitz Language Instructor Training. Spanish, French and English. Washington, DC.
  • 2017. Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarian Programing. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
  • 2017. Gender Analysis of Conflict. Saferworld and Alliance for Peacebuilding. Washington, DC.
  • 2016. Team Leader Training.  Competency-based course on U-FE, EQUI™ QA standards, Team Management and USAID Evaluation Requirements. Social Impact, Arlington, VA.
  • 2016. Minimum Standards in Education in Emergencies. Training of Trainers. Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies. Washington, DC.
  • 2014. Gender, Conflict and Peacebuilding. US Institute of Peace. Washington, DC.
  • 2014. Training Workshop on Refugee Testimonies. Clark University. Worcester, MA.
  • 2013. Forensic Interviewing of Children. National Children’s Advocacy Center. Hunstville, AL.
  • 2013. Applied Research Methods with Hidden, Marginal and Excluded Populations. Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis. University of Essex, UK. 
  • 2013. Rule of Law. USIP’s Academy for Int’l Conflict Management & Peacebuilding. Washington, DC.
  • 2012. Transitional Justice Training for Legal Practitioners. School of Law. University of Essex, UK.
  • 2012. Conflict Analysis. USIP’s Academy for Int’l Conflict Management & Peacebuilding. Washington, DC.
  • 2009. Child Rights at a Crossroads. UNICEF and the African Child Policy Forum. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • 2009. Intensive Summer Program on “The Two Sudans”. Rift Valley Institute, Rumbek, South Sudan.
  • 2008. Behavioral Observation & Survey Research Methods. National Science Foundation/Duke University, NC.

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